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Centrifuge tube mini-cooler -20degrees C, each - Microcentrifuge Tube

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BrandTech Scientific Centrifuge tube mini-cooler -20degrees C, each - Microcentrifuge Tube

Centrifuge tube mini-cooler -20degrees C, each - Microcentrifuge Tube

Product Description:

The Centrifuge Tube Mini-Cooler by BrandTech Scientific is designed to cool down to -20 degrees Celsius. This mini-cooler is compatible with microcentrifuge tubes, offering a quick and efficient way to chill samples during centrifugation. Ideal for applications requiring low-temperature conditions, this mini-cooler is a valuable asset in laboratories performing various biological, chemical, or research experiments. The compact size of the mini-cooler ensures that it can easily fit on any laboratory bench or inside a cold room without taking up much space. With this mini-cooler, researchers can maintain sample integrity and consistency by keeping samples at the desired low temperature throughout the centrifugation process. Improve the efficiency and accuracy of your sample preparation and analysis by incorporating the Centrifuge Tube Mini-Cooler into your lab workflow.


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