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ME4R NT, 100-120V/50-60Hz, C/US, US plug

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CAT ID: 20731103

MFR PART #: 20731103

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Weight: 31.53 lbs

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BrandTech Scientific - Accessories - 20731103

ME4R NT, 100-120V/50-60Hz, C/US, US plug

Product Description:

The BrandTech Scientific ME4R NT is a centrifuge designed to operate on 100-120V/50-60Hz power supply. This centrifuge model is specified for use in the United States with its accompanying US plug. It is a reliable and efficient centrifugation solution for laboratories requiring precise separation of samples. The compact design of the ME4R NT saves valuable bench space while offering a user-friendly interface for ease of operation. With its robust construction and high-quality components, this centrifuge ensures consistent performance and durability. Whether you are working with biological samples, molecular biology applications, or research purposes, the ME4R NT centrifuge delivers the speed and efficiency needed for various laboratory protocols. Trust in the BrandTech Scientific ME4R NT to meet your centrifugation needs with precision and speed.

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