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Fuse 2.5A with cable, blue, each

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CAT ID: 20636050

MFR PART #: 20636050

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Weight: 1.25 lbs

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BrandTech Scientific - Parts - 20636050

Fuse 2.5A with cable, blue, each

Product Description:

The Fuse 2.5A with cable in blue is an essential component for various laboratory equipment. This fuse ensures reliable and safe operation by protecting against power surges and electrical faults. The 2.5A rating makes it suitable for equipment with corresponding power requirements. The attached cable provides easy installation, allowing for quick replacement when needed.

Manufactured by BrandTech Scientific, known for their quality laboratory products, this fuse guarantees durability and performance. It is a cost-effective solution to safeguard your equipment and prevent damage due to electrical issues. Each unit is designed for user-friendly integration, making it a practical choice for busy lab settings.

Ensure the continuous operation of your equipment by investing in the Fuse 2.5A with cable. Its straightforward functionality and compatibility with various devices make it a must-have for any laboratory environment. Trust in BrandTech Scientific to deliver reliable products that meet your lab's safety and operational requirements.

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