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Drum for 18.5 culture tubes

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Crystal Technology & Industries, Inc. - Accessories - TRA28

Drum for 18.5 culture tubes

Product Description:

The Drum for 18.5 culture tubes by Crystal Technology & Industries, Inc. is a versatile and essential accessory for various laboratory processes. This drum is specifically designed to accommodate 18.5 culture tubes, providing a secure and stable environment for their handling and processing.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the drum ensures durability and reliability, even in demanding laboratory settings. Its robust construction guarantees the safety of the culture tubes during centrifugation or storage, minimizing the risk of breakage or contamination.

The design of the drum allows for efficient loading and unloading of culture tubes, streamlining workflow and increasing productivity in the lab. With its precise engineering, the drum facilitates smooth rotation and consistent results, essential for accurate experimentation and analysis.

Whether for biological research, clinical diagnostics, or pharmaceutical applications, the Drum for 18.5 culture tubes offers a convenient solution for handling multiple tubes simultaneously. Trust in the quality and performance of this drum to meet your laboratory's needs effectively and reliably.

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