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WHEATON uL MicroLiter 9mm ScrewTin Caps With Septa, PTFE / Silicone / PTFE Septa, Green

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CAT ID: 09-0040GT

MFR PART #: 09-0040GT

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Weight: 1 lbs

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DWK Life Sciences LLC - Accessories - 09-0040GT

WHEATON uL MicroLiter 9mm ScrewTin Caps With Septa, PTFE / Silicone / PTFE Septa, Green

Product Description:

The WHEATON uL MicroLiter 9mm ScrewTin Caps with Septa in green color are designed by DWK Life Sciences LLC for secure sealing of vials in lab applications. These caps feature a PTFE/Silicone/PTFE septa construction, ensuring reliable performance and chemical resistance. The 9mm ScrewTin Caps are compatible with various vials, providing versatility in different experimental setups. The screw caps facilitate easy opening and closing, streamlining processes in the laboratory.

These caps with septa provide an effective barrier, preventing contamination and maintaining sample integrity during storage or analysis. The green color of the caps allows for easy visual identification and organization within the lab setting. Ideal for research facilities, academic institutions, and industrial laboratories, these WHEATON uL MicroLiter ScrewTin Caps with Septa are essential accessories for a wide range of scientific applications.

DWK Life Sciences LLC's commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in these precision-engineered screw caps, offering researchers a reliable solution for their sample containment needs. Upgrade your laboratory workflow with these WHEATON caps to enhance efficiency and ensure the integrity of your valuable samples.

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