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DWK Life Sciences - Pipettes - SC-10ML

WHEATON Calibra Single Channel Pipette, 1-10mL
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Product Description:

WHEATON Calibra Single Channel Pipette, 1-10mL

These pipettes are autoclavable without disassembly or recalibration, are color-coded to ensure proper tip selection, and are lighter in weight. Socorex Calibra® Digital Pipettes are more comfortable and ergonomic, with a rounded finger rest, and a soft plunger travel that reduces operator fatigue. Setting wheel locks eliminate accidental volume alteration, and these pipettes feature a separate glove-friendly tip ejector. When your work requires precise, highly reproducible pipetting for solutions, reagents, acids and serums, your instrument must be reliable and accurate. The Socorex Calibra® meets this requirement by incorporating two cylindrical cams fitted with pre-calibrated steps for both digital entry and digital display. Calibra Pipettes can be calibrated easily in the lab with graduation setting under a push button. A sleek design enables the slim shaft of the micropipette to fit in the narrowest vials; simple controls make it easy to handle. Dispensing is accomplished by a simple plunger stroke with a separate overshoot movement. A separate ejector button prevents accidental de-tipping. All Socorex Calibra pipettes feature a cushioned thumb rest and rounded finger rest to ensure your comfort during prolonged pipetting operations. The plunger assembly features a stainless steel and PVDF construction for a high degree of chemical resistivity.


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