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Eppendorf - Pipettes - EDOS-5221R (Certified Refurbished)

EDOS 5221 1 Channel Electronic Pipette, 1 - 50000 uL Charger sold separately. (Certified Refurbished)

Product Description:

The Eppendorf EDOS 5221 1 Channel Electronic Pipette is a reliable tool designed for precise liquid handling in the laboratory. With a volume range of 1 - 50000 uL, this pipette offers flexibility for various applications. The electronic mechanism ensures accuracy and repeatability, crucial for consistent results.

This pipette is user-friendly, featuring an ergonomic design that reduces hand strain during prolonged use. The intuitive interface allows for easy operation, making it ideal for routine pipetting tasks.

The charger for the EDOS 5221 is sold separately, providing convenience for charging the device as needed. With Eppendorf's reputation for quality and innovation in the lab equipment industry, you can trust the performance and durability of this electronic pipette.

Streamline your liquid handling processes with the Eppendorf EDOS 5221 1 Channel Electronic Pipette, a versatile instrument that enhances efficiency and accuracy in the lab environment.


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