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eXTReme 2 Seal, Large

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Excel Scientific - Accessories - XTR2-LG-100

eXTReme 2 Seal, Large

Product Description:

The eXTReme 2 Seal, Large by Excel Scientific is designed for secure and leak-proof sealing of large volume sample tubes or plates. These seals ensure reliable protection against contamination and evaporation during storage or transportation, making them ideal for laboratory use. The eXTReme 2 Seal, Large is easy to apply, thanks to its user-friendly design, and provides a tight seal to prevent any potential sample loss or contamination. These seals are compatible with a wide range of tubes and plates, offering versatility in various lab applications. Excel Scientific's eXTReme 2 Seal, Large is a high-quality solution for ensuring the integrity of your samples, providing peace of mind in your experimental processes.

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