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Slide File Folder with Clear Hinged Lids, 20-Place, HIPS/SAN, Gray

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CAT ID: 513029A-1

MFR PART #: 513029A-1

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - 513029A-1

Slide File Folder with Clear Hinged Lids, 20-Place, HIPS/SAN, Gray

Product Description:

The Globe Scientific Slide File Folder is designed to securely store slides in the laboratory setting. It features a 20-place capacity and is made of HIPS/SAN material in a sleek gray color. The folder is equipped with clear hinged lids that allow for easy viewing of the contents without the need to open the folder. This design not only provides convenient access but also helps protect the slides from dust and damage.

Ideal for organizing and storing microscope slides, this slide file folder ensures efficient workflow and easy identification of samples. The durable construction of the folder ensures long-lasting use in demanding laboratory environments. By keeping slides neatly arranged and protected, researchers and lab technicians can maintain the integrity of their samples for accurate analysis.

Enhance the organization and safety of your lab slides with the Globe Scientific Slide File Folder. Its practical design, quality materials, and functional clear hinged lids make it a valuable addition to any laboratory seeking efficient slide management.

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