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Slide File Folder with Clear Hinged Lids, 20-Place, HIPS/SAN, Blue

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CAT ID: 513029B-1

MFR PART #: 513029B-1

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - 513029B-1

Slide File Folder with Clear Hinged Lids, 20-Place, HIPS/SAN, Blue

Product Description:

This 20-place Slide File Folder by Globe Scientific is designed with clear hinged lids for easy viewing and accessibility. Made of HIPS/SAN material in a vibrant blue color, this folder provides a secure storage solution for microscope slides. The clear hinged lids allow for quick identification of the slides without the need to open each compartment individually, saving time and reducing the risk of contamination.

Ideal for laboratories, research facilities, and educational settings, this slide file folder ensures efficient slide organization and protection. The 20-place capacity allows for the neat arrangement and convenient retrieval of slides as needed. The durable construction of this folder ensures long-term use and safeguards the integrity of the slides stored within.

Whether you are storing prepared slides for future reference or organizing slides for current experiments, this Slide File Folder with Clear Hinged Lids offers functionality, visibility, and peace of mind when it comes to slide management in scientific environments.

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