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Slide Draining Tray, 100-Place for up to 200 Slides, ABS, Yellow

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CAT ID: 513252Y-1

MFR PART #: 513252Y-1

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - 513252Y-1

Slide Draining Tray, 100-Place for up to 200 Slides, ABS, Yellow

Product Description:

The Slide Draining Tray by Globe Scientific is a reliable laboratory accessory designed to hold up to 100 slides at a time, with space for 200 slides in total. Constructed from durable ABS material in a vibrant yellow color, this tray provides a stable and secure platform for drying slides after staining.

The 100-place design allows for efficient organization and processing of a large number of slides simultaneously, making it ideal for high-throughput staining applications in research or clinical laboratories. The ABS material ensures easy cleaning and maintenance, while the bright yellow color adds visibility to the work area, minimizing the risk of misplacing slides.

With the Globe Scientific Slide Draining Tray, you can streamline your slide staining workflow, saving time and effort in the lab. Whether you are conducting routine histology procedures or specialized staining protocols, this tray offers convenience and practicality to meet your laboratory needs effectively.

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