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Desiccator, PP Base with PC Lid, 150mm

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CONDITION: Discontinued

CAT ID: 600550

MFR PART #: 600550

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - 600550

Desiccator, PP Base with PC Lid, 150mm

Product Description:

This desiccator features a polypropylene base with a polycarbonate lid, offering a durable and transparent solution for moisture-sensitive samples. With a diameter of 150mm, it provides ample space for desiccants to maintain a low-humidity environment, essential for preserving the integrity of delicate substances. The clear lid allows for easy monitoring of the contents without exposure to outside air, ensuring reliable protection.

Ideal for laboratories, research facilities, and educational settings, this desiccator is essential for processes requiring moisture control such as drying agents, preserving hygroscopic chemicals, or storing moisture-sensitive items. The sturdy construction ensures chemical resistance and longevity, while the airtight seal secures the contents from moisture and air infiltration.

Whether used for drying or storage purposes, this desiccator from Globe Scientific promotes efficiency and accuracy in various scientific applications. Its user-friendly design and high-quality materials make it a dependable tool for maintaining a dry environment for your valuable samples and experiments.

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