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Carboy with Spigot, HDPE, Heavy-Duty, 5 Liter

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CAT ID: 601660

MFR PART #: 601660

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - 601660

Carboy with Spigot, HDPE, Heavy-Duty, 5 Liter

Product Description:

This 5-liter Heavy-Duty HDPE Carboy with Spigot by Globe Scientific is a reliable choice for storing and dispensing various laboratory liquids. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this carboy ensures durability and chemical resistance. The included spigot allows for easy and controlled dispensing, minimizing spills and contamination risks.

With a heavy-duty design, this carboy is suitable for handling a wide range of chemicals and reagents, making it a versatile option for laboratory use. The large 5-liter capacity is ideal for storing significant volumes of liquids, reducing the need for frequent refills. The sturdy construction of this carboy ensures long-term use and its translucent material allows for easy monitoring of liquid levels.

Whether used for storing distilled water, media solutions, or other laboratory liquids, this Globe Scientific carboy with a convenient spigot provides a practical solution for your lab's fluid storage needs. Ideal for laboratories, research facilities, and academic institutions, this carboy is a valuable addition to any laboratory setting.

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