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Graduated Cylinder, PMP TPX, Printed Graduations, 50mL

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CAT ID: 602572

MFR PART #: 602572

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - 602572

Graduated Cylinder, PMP TPX, Printed Graduations, 50mL

Product Description:

This Globe Scientific Graduated Cylinder is made of PMP TPX material and has a 50mL capacity. It features printed graduations for clear and easy volume measurement. The graduated cylinder is essential in laboratories for precise liquid volume measurement. The durable PMP TPX construction ensures chemical resistance and transparency, allowing for the easy monitoring of liquid levels during various experiments and procedures. The printed graduations enhance readability and accuracy, making this cylinder a reliable tool for scientific applications. Upgrade your lab equipment with this high-quality Globe Scientific Graduated Cylinder for accurate and efficient liquid measurements.

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