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Label Rolls, Cryo, 9.5mm, Biohazard Dots

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - LCR-95BIO

Label Rolls, Cryo, 9.5mm, Biohazard Dots

Product Description:

These Cryo Label Rolls by Globe Scientific with a width of 9.5mm are specifically designed for easy and efficient labeling of laboratory samples with biohazard dots. The distinctive biohazard symbol ensures clear identification of potentially hazardous materials, enhancing the overall safety protocols in the lab environment. The rolls are compatible with various labeling instruments, allowing for seamless integration into existing lab processes.

Ideal for research facilities, medical labs, or any environment dealing with biohazardous materials, these label rolls are made of high-quality materials to withstand ultra-low temperatures commonly used in cryogenic storage. This durability ensures that the labels remain intact and legible even in extreme conditions, maintaining sample traceability.

With Globe Scientific's Cryo Label Rolls, users can conveniently organize their samples, mitigate the risks associated with biohazards, and streamline data management. The user-friendly design and standardized biohazard symbol facilitate quick recognition and differentiation of samples, ultimately contributing to efficient workflow and overall lab productivity.

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