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CryoCool Mini Cooler, 0°C, 12-Place 3x4 for 1.5mL Tubes, Red

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CAT ID: 454001

MFR PART #: 454001

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Globe Scientific - Cryogenic Vials - 454001

CryoCool Mini Cooler, 0°C, 12-Place 3x4 for 1.5mL Tubes, Red

Product Description:

The CryoCool Mini Cooler by Globe Scientific is designed to maintain a temperature of 0°C, ideal for preserving sensitive samples in a 12-place 3x4 configuration for 1.5mL tubes. The vibrant red color adds a touch of style to your laboratory while ensuring functionality. This mini cooler is compact yet spacious enough to accommodate multiple tubes efficiently. It is perfect for applications that require samples to be kept cool and safe from temperature fluctuations. The CryoCool Mini Cooler is a reliable companion for professionals working in research, clinical, or industrial laboratories where the integrity of samples is crucial. Trust in Globe Scientific's quality craftsmanship to safeguard your valuable samples with this sleek and practical CryoCool Mini Cooler.

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