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Ice Tray with Lid, 9 Liter, Black

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CAT ID: 455025K

MFR PART #: 455025K

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Globe Scientific - Cryogenic Vials - 455025K

Ice Tray with Lid, 9 Liter, Black

Product Description:

The Globe Scientific Ice Tray with Lid in a sleek black color offers a generous capacity of 9 liters. This convenient laboratory accessory is ideal for various applications where controlled freezing is required. The inclusion of the lid helps prevent contamination and maintains the integrity of the contents during freezing processes.

Crafted with durable materials, this ice tray ensures long-term use and reliability in laboratory settings. The deep capacity allows for the creation of large ice blocks or structured freezing of samples. Whether used for sample preservation, cold temperature experiments, or any other cooling needs, this ice tray with lid provides a secure and efficient solution.

The black color not only offers a professional aesthetic but also helps in minimizing light transmission and UV exposure to the contents within the tray. This feature is particularly beneficial when working with light-sensitive samples or compounds. Upgrade your laboratory freezing capabilities with the Globe Scientific Ice Tray with Lid, a practical tool for preserving sample integrity and supporting research needs.

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