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Tube rocker, double tier, 240v, 50Hz, UK & EU Plugs, 9.9 x 6.7 platforms, 20rpm

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Globe Scientific - Rockers - GTR-2-FS-UK-EU

Tube rocker, double tier, 240v, 50Hz, UK & EU Plugs, 9.9 x 6.7 platforms, 20rpm

Product Description:

The Globe Scientific Double Tier Tube Rocker is a versatile lab instrument designed to provide gentle rocking motion to samples. With a 9.9 x 6.7-inch platform size, this tube rocker can accommodate various tube sizes effectively. Operating at a speed of 20rpm, it ensures thorough mixing of samples for optimal results.

This tube rocker is equipped with UK & EU plugs, suitable for use in corresponding regions at 240v and 50Hz. The double-tier design enhances its capacity, allowing for simultaneous processing of multiple samples. Whether in research, clinical, or industrial settings, this tube rocker facilitates efficient mixing for applications such as staining, destaining, hybridization, and more.

Experience consistent and reliable performance with the Globe Scientific Double Tier Tube Rocker, streamlining your laboratory workflows with its user-friendly operation and robust construction. Ideal for labs requiring a reliable mixing solution, this device is a valuable addition to any workspace seeking precision and quality in sample preparation.

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