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Vortex Mixer, Mini, Fixed Speed, 240v, 50Hz, EU Plug

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Globe Scientific - VortexMixers - GVM-MINI-EU

Vortex Mixer, Mini, Fixed Speed, 240v, 50Hz, EU Plug

Product Description:

The Globe Scientific Vortex Mixer Mini is a reliable laboratory instrument designed for quick and thorough mixing of samples in a variety of research and clinical settings. Operating at a fixed speed, this mixer is powered by a 240v, 50Hz electrical system and comes with a convenient EU plug for easy connectivity.

This compact vortex mixer is ideal for small workspaces and on-the-go experiments, offering efficient mixing capabilities without taking up much space. It ensures consistent and reliable results by providing uniform mixing of liquids in test tubes, vials, and other containers.

With its easy-to-use functionality and sturdy construction, the Globe Scientific Vortex Mixer Mini is a valuable tool for scientists, researchers, and healthcare professionals who require consistent sample preparation. Whether you are working in a microbiology lab, a molecular biology research facility, or a clinical setting, this vortex mixer is a dependable companion for your daily mixing needs.

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