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10 mL Sterile Disposable Sampler Tubes with Caps on, Sterile, 50/pk, 1000/cs

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CAT ID: 625001

MFR PART #: 625001

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Weight: 10 lbs

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NEST Scientific - Tubes - 625001

10 mL Sterile Disposable Sampler Tubes with Caps on, Sterile, 50/pk, 1000/cs

Product Description:

These 10 mL sterile disposable sampler tubes by NEST Scientific come with caps attached, providing a convenient and secure closure option. Each pack contains 50 tubes, and there are 1000 tubes in a case, ensuring an ample supply for your laboratory needs. These tubes are designed for sterile applications, minimizing the risk of contamination and preserving sample integrity.

The secure caps help prevent spillage and maintain aseptic conditions. These disposable tubes are ideal for various sampling and storage tasks in laboratories, offering a reliable solution without the need for cleaning or autoclaving. The 10 mL capacity is suitable for a range of liquid samples, making these tubes versatile for different applications.

Whether you are working in research, healthcare, or industrial laboratories, these sterile disposable sampler tubes provide a hygienic and efficient option for your day-to-day operations. Stocking up on these cost-effective tubes ensures that you are well-prepared for various experiments, sample collection, or storage needs. Trust NEST Scientific for quality laboratory products that meet your professional standards.

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