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Ultrasonic Parts Washer Model: Omega ProLite

Original Price: $7,999.00


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CAT ID: OMG-5019

MFR PART #: OMG-5019

Availability: Ships direct from manufacturer*

Weight: 150 lbs

*Manufacturer lead times may vary due to production delays, stock availability and weather conditions. If you wish to get information on alternatives, contact a Pipette.com Sales Representative

Omegasonics - Lab Equipment - OMG-5019

Ultrasonic Parts Washer Model: Omega ProLite

Product Description:

The Omega ProLite Ultrasonic Parts Washer by Omegasonics offers advanced cleaning technology for various industries. This model utilizes ultrasonic waves to efficiently remove contaminants from a wide range of parts and components. With a spacious interior capacity, it accommodates large items or batches of smaller parts effectively.

Equipped with user-friendly controls, the Omega ProLite is easy to operate, making it ideal for both experienced technicians and beginners. Its reliable performance ensures thorough cleaning results, saving time and effort in the maintenance process. This ultrasonic parts washer is designed for durability, incorporating high-quality materials for long-lasting use.

Whether in automotive, aerospace, or other manufacturing sectors, the Omega ProLite enhances workflow efficiency by providing a quick and precise cleaning solution. Say goodbye to manual scrubbing and welcome a more efficient and consistent cleaning method. Invest in the Omega ProLite Ultrasonic Parts Washer to elevate your parts cleaning process to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

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