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Blue LED Fluorescence Cube LED+Filterset

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CAT ID: M-1220

MFR PART #: M-1220

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Weight: 15 lbs

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OPTIKA/Froggabia - Lab Equipment - M-1220

Blue LED Fluorescence Cube LED+Filterset

Product Description:

The Blue LED Fluorescence Cube LED with Filter Set by OPTIKA/Froggabia is designed for high-performance fluorescence microscopy applications. This cube includes a blue LED excitation light source and a matching set of filters to ensure optimal excitation and emission conditions for fluorescence imaging. The blue LED offers a stable and long-lasting excitation source, eliminating the need for filter cubes and bulb replacements.

With this fluorescence cube and filter set, users can achieve high signal-to-noise ratios and precise control over excitation and emission wavelengths, enhancing the quality of fluorescent images. The efficient design of the cube maximizes light output while minimizing light leakage, resulting in clear and bright fluorescence images.

Ideal for research laboratories, educational institutions, and clinical settings, this Blue LED Fluorescence Cube LED with Filter Set provides a convenient and reliable solution for fluorescence microscopy experiments. Upgrade your microscopy setup with this advanced fluorescence cube for consistent and accurate results in your imaging applications.

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