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Lab Filtration LF - Centrisart I, 100K MWCO, 0.62cm², 12/Pk

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CAT ID: 13269----------E

MFR PART #: 13269----------E

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Weight: 7 lbs

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Sartorius - Balances - 13269----------E

Lab Filtration LF - Centrisart I, 100K MWCO, 0.62cm², 12/Pk

Product Description:

The Lab Filtration LF - Centrisart I with a 100K MWCO and 0.62cm² area is designed to provide efficient filtration in laboratory settings. Each pack contains 12 units, offering convenience for multiple applications. Manufactured by Sartorius, a reputable brand in the industry, this centrifuge filter ensures reliable performance and precise results. The 100K MWCO (molecular weight cut-off) allows for the separation of substances based on their molecular sizes, enabling accurate filtration processes. The 0.62cm² filtration area optimizes the filtration capacity while maintaining high flow rates. This product is suitable for various laboratory tasks, including sample preparation, protein purification, and biomolecule concentration. Trust the Lab Filtration LF - Centrisart I for consistent and effective filtration results in your lab experiments.

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