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100g-1mg 21p Prec ASTM CL 1 W/O Cert

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Weight: 10 lbs

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Sartorius - Balances - WS281GAC1N

100g-1mg 21p Prec ASTM CL 1 W/O Cert

Product Description:

This Sartorius 100g-1mg 21p Prec ASTM Class 1 Weight without Certification is designed to meet the highest accuracy standards in laboratory weighing applications. With a weight range from 100 grams down to 1 milligram, this precision weight offers versatility for various weighing needs.

Manufactured to ASTM Class 1 standards, this weight ensures reliable and consistent performance. Whether used for calibration, analytical chemistry, or quality control purposes, this weight guarantees accuracy. Its 21p design provides stability during weighing procedures, maintaining precision throughout tasks.

Ideal for pharmaceutical, research, or industrial laboratories, this Sartorius precision weight assures dependable and accurate measurements. Trust in the quality and craftsmanship of Sartorius for your weighing requirements, knowing that precision and reliability are at the forefront of this ASTM Class 1 Weight.

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