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Lab & Pharmacy Refrigerator Model, 23 Cubic Ft. Upright

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Weight: 440 lbs

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So-Low - Lab Equipment - DH4-23SD

Lab & Pharmacy Refrigerator Model, 23 Cubic Ft. Upright

Product Description:

The So-Low Lab & Pharmacy Refrigerator Model is a reliable solution for storing temperature-sensitive materials in a controlled environment. With a spacious 23 cubic ft. capacity, this upright refrigerator provides ample storage space while maintaining consistent internal temperatures. Ideal for laboratories and pharmacies, it ensures that medical supplies, vaccines, reagents, and other items are kept at the required temperature.

Equipped with adjustable shelves, the refrigerator allows for flexible organization of contents to suit varying storage needs. The unit features a durable construction designed to withstand the demands of laboratory settings. The precise temperature control mechanism ensures that items are kept at the optimal temperature to maintain their integrity.

The So-Low Lab & Pharmacy Refrigerator Model offers a convenient and efficient cooling solution for critical storage requirements. Its user-friendly design and reliable performance make it an essential asset for any laboratory or pharmacy seeking to uphold quality standards in storage and preservation of temperature-sensitive items. Trust So-Low for superior refrigeration solutions tailored to the needs of scientific and healthcare facilities.

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