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LABORATORY FREEZER TO €“25ºC PREMIER MODEL 20.0 Cubic Ft. 566 liters Upright

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Weight: 275 lbs

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So-Low - Lab Equipment - DHK20-20MDP

LABORATORY FREEZER TO €“25ºC PREMIER MODEL 20.0 Cubic Ft. 566 liters Upright

Product Description:

The So-Low Laboratory Freezer offers precise cooling capabilities down to -25°C, making it ideal for storing sensitive samples in research and medical facilities. With a spacious 20.0 cubic ft capacity (566 liters), this upright freezer provides ample room for various storage needs. The Premier Model is designed to maintain a consistent internal temperature essential for preserving samples effectively.

Equipped with advanced features, this freezer ensures reliable performance and user convenience. Its upright configuration optimizes floor space, while the -25°C temperature range caters to a wide range of storage requirements. The generous capacity allows for organized storage of samples, reagents, or pharmaceuticals. The So-Low Laboratory Freezer is a valuable asset for laboratories, hospitals, or any environment where precise and dependable cooling is essential.

This freezer is suitable for applications where maintaining a stable and low temperature is critical. The So-Low Laboratory Freezer balances performance, capacity, and durability, making it a dependable choice for scientific and medical storage needs.

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