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Foil Heat Seal Package

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MFR PART #: 1149T12

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Weight: 3 lbs

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TSCI - Accessories - 1149-SEAL

Foil Heat Seal Package

Product Description:

The TSCI Foil Heat Seal Package is designed for securely sealing microplates, ensuring protection and containment of samples during incubation and storage. This heat seal is compatible with a variety of microplate types, offering versatility in laboratory applications. The foil heat seal provides an excellent barrier against moisture and contaminants, maintaining sample integrity.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the TSCI Foil Heat Seal Package ensures reliable performance and a tight seal to prevent evaporation or spillage. It is easy to apply, saving time and effort in the lab routine. The compatibility with automated heat sealers enhances efficiency for high-throughput workflows.

Ideal for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic research laboratories, this foil heat seal package guarantees consistency and reproducibility in sealing microplates. Trust TSCI for durable, dependable, and high-performance laboratory supplies.

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