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PROMO: Buy one Easypet 3, 1-channel, incl. power supply, 2 membrane filters 0.45m, 0.1-100mL w/ Shelf Rack and get for free 1 pk serological pipettes 5mL (4x100) and 1 pk serological pipettes 25mL (4X50)

$616.00 $586.00
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4861000040 Xplorer single-channel 50-1000 uL blue x 1, 0030076176 epTIPS Box 2.0 50-1000 uL epQuality 96 x 2.
PROMO: Starter Kit Eppendorf Xplorer, 12-channel, 50 uL – 1200 uL, green, and buy one/get one free epT.I.P.S. Box 2.0

$1,126.67 $1,040.00
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4861000023 Xplorer single-channel 5-100 uL yellow x 1, 0030076150 epTIPS Box 2.0 2-200 uL epQuality 96 x 2

$1,126.67 $1,040.00
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4861000171 Xplorer 12-channel 50-1200 ul green x 1, 0030076192 epTIPS Box 2.0 50-1250 uL L epQual 96 x 2

$2,311.83 $2,134.00
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PROMO: Upgrade your Xplorer Pipettes: Buy one Pipette Manager and Charging Stand and get 6 WiFi Modules for free

$3,049.33 $2,287.00
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4861000835 Xplorer plus Move It, 8-CH, 50-1,200 uL x 1, 0030076192, epTIPS Box 2.0 50-1250 uL L epQual 96 x 2

$3,356.17 $3,098.00
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PROMO: Free Pipette Manager w/ 6 WiFi modules when buying Xplorer pipettes 1-ch 0.5-10l medium grey, 1-ch 50-1,000l blue, 1-ch 0.2-5mL and one 12-ch 50-1,200l w/ a charging stand

$5,900.00 $4,838.00
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