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SI - precision compact digital balance ata series by torbal scientific industries

SI - precision compact digital balance ata series by torbal scientific industries

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Precision Digital Compact Balance by Torbal - Outstanding Performance and Value in a Small Footprint Torbal ATA Compact Balance (Scales) Series are perfect for any lab needing a high performing balance fitting in a small footprint. The ATA Compact Series offers a wide range of balances, with a range up to 2200 grams and a readability of 0.01 grams or 0.001 grams depending on the balance. All models in the ATA Compact series are built with high strength antistatic ABS housing for reliability and durability. ATA Compact Balances are among the smallest laboratory capable scales available on the market, developed for user convenience. ATA Compact Series Balances are available in two different configurations. They are either available with internal automatic calibration and a USB port or without. Internal automatic calibration allows for rapid and easy use, as the balance will automatically calibrate itself upon being turned on, and will maintain calibration whenever needed. All balances in the ATA Compact Series are capable of stabilization in approximately 3 seconds, which further allows quick and easy measurements. Along with durability, a small footprint, and simplicity, the ATA Compact Series Balances are also equipped with a wide variety of pre-programmed functions for convenience and dynamic use: Parts Counting Check Weighing Percent Weighing Totalizing Animal Weighing Display Hold Compounding & Formulation Filtering The ATA Compact Series balances are manufactured with high-quality electromagnetic load-cells. These load cells are specially heat treated and aged so that performance is maintained over long periods of use. ATA Compact Series Balances have a stainless-steel pan and draft ring to resist corrosive chemicals. The front panel is protected by a seal to prevent damage from spills and dust accumulation. ATA Compact Series Balances are designed with a simple and concise front panel for intuitive navigation and use. They are equipped with a large, well lit, back-lit screen, and large, straight-forward buttons for navigation and functionality. Balances also include onscreen instruction and well-labeled navigation to allow users easy access to all the extended functions. See more

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