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Empowering scientists … We aspire to make the world a better place by providing scientists with innovative, precise and reliable laboratory products, services and solutions. 

We are passionate about your scientific discovery. Therfore, we are dedicated to understanding our customers’ science and strive to provide the optimal solutions.



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We are Pipette.com, a team of pipette enthusiasts, providing industry standard and customized liquid handling solutions tailored for each of our customers. As your liquid handling partner, we’ve utilize our 20+ years of experience towards your success. This expertise and zeal has led us to become the largest independent calibration facility on the West Coast, and one of the biggest web-based distributors of pipettes, consumables and laboratory equipment in the country.

Our customer service team helps you find the best quality products for your specific budget. By utilizing the latest technologies available on the market, we developed the Qualer Asset Management Software Platform. Free to our customers initially, Qualer is the only calibration and pipette management software instantly available online that helps our customers effectively manage their instruments, saving time and money. As your Partner, our focus is on helping you find the best solutions for your needs while forging the future of science and research.



Alex Spector

(Owner / Pipette Enthusiast)

Serial entrepreneur Alex Spector created an independent pipette calibration facility called AccuTek Lab in 1996. AccuTek Laboratories has since evolved into Pipette.com a premier laboratory equipment distributor and calibration staple in southern California. Fun fact - Alex is also an accomplished musician and songwriter. He is also the visionary behind Qualer.

Ryan Arnold


Ryan is an avid grower and operator of businesses with a rich background in calibration, measurement, laboratories, SaaS, and strategic customer success. He has led and grown businesses both public and private, and is on a mission to drive Pipette.com and our family of related companies to become the foremost life science asset lifecycle company, from procurement to deactivation.

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“My pipettes are working famously. The turn-around time was superb, and the reporting is precisely as we’ve wanted.”

- Trevor Polcyn Precision Toxicology


“You treat me like I am one of your special customers even though we are small but growing quickly. This makes me want to check with you first before I buy anything you sell.”

- Ken Wong University of California


“I think I speak for GEL when I say that Pipette.com is delivering quality service, product, and advice more and more. We look forward to continued and increased business with you all.”

- Andrew J. GEL Labs


“Pipettes arrived this week and there should be a Nobel Prize for multi-channel pipettors.” (regarding the quality of our refurbished pipettes)”

- Lori B. Molecular Scientist, Bako Pathology