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Pipette.com and Qualer have developed a strategic partnership, creating a collaboration in which Pipette.com clients can register their assets on the Qualer platform for free - Creating a holistic ecosystem for laboratories to track and inventory their assets. You can perform service orders, control documentation and view asset history.

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Qualer Portal Features and Benefits

Qualer Asset and Event Management

Asset and Event Management

As the saying goes, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. The first step to have all of your equipment under control is to take a full inventory of all instruments, pipettes, and equipment to ensure they are all accurately identified, located, and defined. Qualer allows you to take full inventory of your assets so you can create a standard procedure for receiving, moving, and retiring assets at your organization. Getting your asset list 100% accurate and keeping it that way sets up your laboratory for success.

Qualer Maintenance Scheduling

Maintenance Scheduling

With proper inventory and accounting of all assets, it’s time to create a maintenance plan for every one of them. A maintenance plan does three things:

  1. Lays out what types of service your assets require to operate in an accurate and functional manner.
  2. Schedules when, and how often, these should be performed.
  3. Identifies who will perform each maintenance task.

The “who” here could be an external vendor, like Pipette.com, or an internal department–or both. Some assets will require complex multi-step plans while others only require a simple plan. The Qualer platform is a system that allows you to schedule maintenance on all your equipment directly with service providers as well as place multiple service orders on various pieces of equipment with ease.

Qualer Record Keeping and Documentation

Record Keeping and Documentation

Proper product manufacturer documentation is necessary for total asset compliance, but usually requires many hours of time and effort to obtain and maintain. Qualer offers automated access to a complete database of pre-loaded User Manuals, Technical Specifications, Data Sheets, Brochures, and Installation & Operation Procedures documents. Quickly access the information you need, when and where you need it. Pipette.com is working with Qualer to connect asset owners (its customers) with asset manufacturers (its suppliers) to create a collaborative ecosystem in which the owners can quickly and easily pull up any documentation they seek.

Assigning Tasks in Qualer

Assign Tasks

Achieving and maintaining a state of control is a team effort. It requires the collaboration of a diverse group of internal and external professionals. Qualer now allows your company to keep everyone accountable, proactively reminding responsible parties of scheduled tasks and notifying appropriate managers to ensure everyone stays on task and on schedule. Qualer is a proactive database that provides you with a system that can leverage the asset details and maintenance plans you set up earlier to orchestrate the work and keep everyone marching in time.

Qualer Validation and Service Reports

Validation and Service Reports

The Qualer Lab Management Software ensures total compliance and audit readiness by managing all of your assets on one, easy-to-use dashboard. With the ability to view the current status of your assets and upcoming deadlines across your entire organization, you can easily take action on upcoming items to remain in a state of control.

With your Company Dashboard, you also gain access to Employee Dashboards. These dashboards allow your employees to view the assets and data that directly relate to their responsibility. As the administrator, you can custom build these dashboards to best equip your employees in their roles while limiting their access to information outside of their responsibilities.

Qualer removes the stress related to the words "audit" and "CAPA" with the comprehensive platform. Request a Demo of the Qualer Asset Management Platform Now

Who is Qualer?

Pipette.com and Qualer

Qualer and Pipette.com have partnered together to improve the productivity and efficiency of their customers by combining complementary businesses. As an asset distributor, Pipette.com offers the highest quality laboratory supplies on the market while also running an accredited pipette calibration laboratory. Qualer provides a collaborative software platform that allows users to inventory their assets, schedule routine maintenance or calibrations, submit service orders, maintain audit readiness through proper documentation, and more. Pipette.com customers now have access to the Qualer platform for free temporarily, allowing customers to utilize the worlds most comprehensive asset management platform.

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