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Bottle, LDPE, GL25 cap, 500mL, pack of 12 - Bottles-V

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CAT ID: V95089

MFR PART #: V95089

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Weight: 1.6 lbs

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BrandTech Scientific Bottle, LDPE, GL25 cap, 500mL, pack of 12 - Bottles-V

Bottle, LDPE, GL25 cap, 500mL, pack of 12 - Bottles-V

Product Description:

The BrandTech Scientific LDPE Bottle with a GL25 cap, 500mL, pack of 12, provides a reliable solution for your laboratory storage needs. The low-density polyethylene (LDPE) construction ensures durability and chemical resistance, safeguarding your samples during storage. The GL25 cap securely seals the bottle, preventing any leaks or contamination.

These bottles are conveniently packed in a set of 12, offering cost-effectiveness and efficiency in your lab. Their 500mL capacity makes them versatile for various applications, such as storing liquids, chemicals, or biological samples.

Whether you are working in a research facility, educational institution, or industrial lab, these LDPE bottles are a practical choice for organizing and preserving your valuable specimens. Invest in the BrandTech Scientific LDPE Bottle pack to enhance your lab's workflow and maintain the integrity of your samples with confidence.

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