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Geloader Tip, Pk.192.

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CAT ID: 22351656

MFR PART #: 22351656

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Eppendorf Geloader Tip, Pk.192.

Geloader Tip, Pk.192.

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Geloader Tip Pack of 192 is designed for convenient and efficient pipetting tasks. These tips are compatible with various Eppendorf pipettes and ensure precise and accurate liquid handling. The pack includes 192 high-quality tips that offer reliable performance in molecular biology, cell culture, and other laboratory applications. The Geloader Tip pack is ideal for laboratories that require frequent and consistent pipetting of samples. These tips provide a secure fit and reduce the risk of sample carryover or contamination. With Eppendorf's reputation for innovation and quality, these Geloader Tips are a valuable accessory for any laboratory seeking efficiency and reproducibility in their pipetting processes.


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