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epTIPS Rack G 0.1-5mL epQua 120

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CAT ID: 30071638

MFR PART #: 30071638

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Weight: 4 lbs

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Eppendorf - epT.I.P.S. - Pipette Tips - 30071638

epTIPS Rack G 0.1-5mL epQua 120

Product Description:

The epTIPS Rack G 0.1-5mL epQua 120 by Eppendorf is a reliable laboratory accessory designed for efficient pipetting tasks. This rack is compatible with pipette tips ranging from 0.1mL to 5mL, offering versatility for various liquid handling applications. The durable construction ensures stability during pipetting procedures, enhancing accuracy and precision in the laboratory workflow.

With the epTIPS Rack G, organizing and accessing pipette tips is streamlined, promoting a more organized work environment. The rack's design facilitates easy tip loading and retrieval, saving valuable time during experiments. The compatibility with the epQua 120 pipette enhances user experience by providing a seamless pipetting operation.

Ideal for research labs, diagnostic centers, and academic institutions, the epTIPS Rack G 0.1-5mL epQua 120 simplifies pipetting tasks and promotes efficient liquid handling practices. Experience enhanced convenience and productivity in your lab with this quality product from Eppendorf.


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