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Reservoir, 100ml sterile, 5/sterile bag, 200/pack

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CAT ID: P8100-5S

MFR PART #: P8100-5S

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Weight: 4.5 lbs

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MTC-Bio - P8100-5S

Reservoir, 100ml sterile, 5/sterile bag, 200/pack

Product Description:

The MTC-Bio 100ml sterile reservoir comes in convenient 5/sterile bags, with a total of 200 reservoirs in a pack. These reservoirs are designed to provide a sterile and reliable solution for various laboratory applications. With a generous capacity of 100ml, they are suitable for handling larger volumes of liquids. The sterile packaging ensures aseptic conditions, making them ideal for sensitive experiments where contamination must be avoided. The pack format offers ease of use and organization in busy lab settings. Whether for sample preparation, reagent handling, or other tasks, these reservoirs offer efficiency and convenience. Trust the MTC-Bio sterile reservoir pack to meet your lab's needs for quality, sterility, and practicality.

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