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Funnel, General Purpose, HDPE, 100mm, 300mL

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CAT ID: 600172

MFR PART #: 600172

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - 600172

Funnel, General Purpose, HDPE, 100mm, 300mL

Product Description:

This 100mm, 300mL General Purpose HDPE Funnel by Globe Scientific is a versatile tool for various laboratory applications. Made from high-quality HDPE material, this funnel is durable and resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making it suitable for different experiments and processes. The 100mm size allows for efficient liquid transfer while the 300mL capacity provides ample space for handling moderate volumes of liquids.

Ideal for general lab use, this funnel ensures smooth and precise pouring, helping to prevent spills and waste. Its design facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, promoting hygiene and ensuring consistent performance. Whether filtering liquids, transferring samples, or performing separations, this General Purpose Funnel is a reliable choice that meets the demands of a busy lab environment. Add this Globe Scientific funnel to your lab equipment collection for dependable and efficient liquid handling.

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