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Transfer Pipet, Wide Bore, Large Bulb, 124mm, 500/Dispenser Box

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CAT ID: 135040-500

MFR PART #: 135040-500

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Globe Scientific - Pipette - 135040-500

Transfer Pipet, Wide Bore, Large Bulb, 124mm, 500/Dispenser Box

Product Description:

The Globe Scientific Transfer Pipet with a wide bore and large bulb is designed for convenient and efficient liquid handling in laboratories. With a length of 124mm, these transfer pipets offer a generous capacity for transferring liquids with ease. The 500/Dispenser Box packaging provides a practical and organized storage solution for quick access to the pipets as needed.

These transfer pipets are ideal for a variety of applications such as general laboratory use, microbiology, hematology, and more. The wide bore ensures smooth and easy aspiration and dispensing of liquids, making them versatile for different laboratory tasks.

Crafted by Globe Scientific, a trusted manufacturer in the industry, these transfer pipets guarantee quality and reliability for your lab operations. Whether you need to transfer samples, make dilutions, or perform titrations, these transfer pipets are essential tools that offer precision and accuracy. Upgrade your lab setup with these Globe Scientific Transfer Pipets for streamlined and efficient liquid handling procedures.

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