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0.2mL 8-Strip Tubes, No Caps, Natural

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Globe Scientific - Tubes - PCR-02S

0.2mL 8-Strip Tubes, No Caps, Natural

Product Description:

These 0.2mL 8-Strip Tubes by Globe Scientific in natural color come without caps. Designed for PCR applications, these tubes are reliable vessels for nucleic acid amplification and other laboratory procedures requiring small-volume samples. The strip format allows for simultaneous processing of multiple samples, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Made of high-quality polypropylene, these tubes are compatible with various thermal cyclers, ensuring consistent and accurate results. Their clear tubes enable easy sample visualization, while the durable construction ensures secure sealing during centrifugation and other high-speed applications. Ideal for research, clinical, and diagnostic labs, these 0.2mL tubes offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for PCR experiments and sample storage. Partner them with compatible caps for a complete sample containment system tailored to meet your laboratory's needs.

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