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Lab Filtration LF - Centrisart - beginner kit

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CAT ID: 13209----------E

MFR PART #: 13209----------E

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Weight: 7 lbs

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Sartorius - Balances - 13209----------E

Lab Filtration LF - Centrisart - beginner kit

Product Description:

The Lab Filtration LF Centrisart Beginner Kit by Sartorius is a comprehensive solution for precise and efficient laboratory filtration. This kit includes the essential Centrisart centrifuge tubes renowned for their high-quality polypropylene construction, ensuring durability and chemical resistance. The tubes feature a transparent design for easy visual monitoring during centrifugation.

Facilitated by the included Centrisart centrifuge, this kit enables reliable and uniform separation of samples, yielding consistent results with each use. The centrifuge operates quietly, making it suitable for various laboratory environments. With a compact footprint, it optimizes workspace efficiency without compromising performance.

Ideal for beginners and seasoned professionals alike, the Lab Filtration LF Centrisart Beginner Kit streamlines the filtration process, saving time and increasing productivity. Whether isolating particles, purifying solutions, or clarifying samples, this kit offers the precision and reliability required for accurate laboratory analyses.Upgrade your laboratory filtration processes with the Lab Filtration LF Centrisart Beginner Kit from Sartorius.

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