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Brandtech - REFURB Handystep Touch - BTHST-R

Certified Refurbished Brandtech- HandyStep Touch, DE-M

Product Description:

The Brandtech HandyStep Touch, DE-M, offers precise and ergonomic dispensing for various laboratory applications. With its user-friendly touchscreen interface, it allows for easy volume adjustments ranging from 1 μL to 50 mL. The electronic step counter ensures accurate and reproducible dispensing, enhancing workflow efficiency.

This HandyStep Touch model features a motorized design that reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries, making it comfortable for extended use. The device is compatible with a wide range of Brandtech tips, adding versatility to your pipetting tasks. With its lightweight and portable construction, the HandyStep Touch is ideal for both benchtop and fieldwork use.

Designed for reliability and convenience, the Brandtech HandyStep Touch, DE-M, is a valuable addition to any modern laboratory setting. It combines precision, ease of use, and versatility to streamline your liquid handling processes. Whether in research, diagnostics, or analytical laboratories, this pipetting instrument ensures accurate and efficient dispensing, ultimately improving overall productivity.


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