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Pipetman L Single Channel Manual Pipette, 20-200 uL

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CAT ID: P-200L

MFR PART #: FA10005M

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Weight: 3 lbs

Gilson - Pipette - P-200L

Pipetman L Single Channel Manual Pipette, 20-200 uL

Product Description:

The Gilson Pipetman L Single Channel Manual Pipette, with a volume range of 20-200 uL, offers precision and ease of use for various liquid handling tasks in the laboratory. This pipette ensures accurate and reliable pipetting for consistent results. The ergonomic design reduces hand strain, making it comfortable for extended use. The volume is easily adjustable with a smooth plunger movement, allowing for quick and efficient dispensing.

This pipette is ideal for applications requiring precise and controlled liquid transfers, such as PCR preparation, sample dilution, and general pipetting tasks. The durable construction ensures long-term performance and reliability in a lab setting. Gilson's reputation for quality and innovation is reflected in this Pipetman L, making it a trusted tool for scientists and researchers in need of a manual pipetting solution.


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