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10uL Universal Tip, Filtered, Rack, 10 racks x 96 tips

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Oxford Lab Products - Pipette Tips - XR-10-F (XR-10-F)

10uL Universal Tip, Filtered, Rack, 10 racks x 96 tips

Product Description:

The 10uL Universal Filtered Tips by Oxford Lab Products come in a convenient rack format containing 10 racks with 96 tips each. These tips are designed to provide reliable and accurate sample handling for various laboratory applications. The filters incorporated into the tips prevent contamination and ensure the purity of your samples. With a universal fit, these tips are compatible with a wide range of pipettes, adding to their versatility. The rack packaging not only facilitates easy storage and organization but also helps in maintaining cleanliness in the work environment. Whether you are working with liquids in research, pharmaceuticals, or diagnostics, these filtered tips are an essential tool to support your pipetting needs. Trust in the quality and precision of Oxford Lab Products to enhance your lab productivity and experimental outcomes with these 10uL Universal Filtered Tips.

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