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Evo Pipette 10-100 ul

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CAT ID: AE-100

MFR PART #: AE-100

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Weight: 2 lbs

AccuPet - Pipettes - AE-100

Evo Pipette 10-100 ul

Product Description:

AccuPet Evo Single Channel Pipettes

The Accupet Evo offers high accuracy and precision with a magnetically assisted piston to know exactly where the first stop is. The distinct advantage of having a magnetically assisted piston is that it provides consistent results in the lab.

Features and Benefits:

  • Magnetically assisted piston for precise and consistent results
  • Innovative spring and seal design for one of the lowest plunger forces for a fatigue free experience
  • Made using highly durable material for corrosion and physical shock resistance
  • Corrosion resistant tip ejector with a unique shock absorbing mechanism
  • Spring-loaded tip cone for less strain and proper tip fitment for precise pipetting
  • Ergonomic design with proper weight distribution
  • Color coding for easy identification
  • Large and clear 4-digit display
  • Highly durable PVDF tip cones
  • Universal tip compatibility
  • Fully autoclavable


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