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Accuhelp - Red Motorized Pipette Controller

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AccuPet Accuhelp - Red Motorized Pipette Controller

Accuhelp - Red Motorized Pipette Controller

Product Description:

The Accuhelp Red Motorized Pipette Controller by AccuPet offers precise and convenient pipetting for your laboratory needs. With its motorized operation, this pipette controller ensures consistent and accurate pipetting results. The ergonomic design provides comfort during extended use, reducing hand fatigue.

This pipette controller is compatible with a wide range of glass and plastic pipettes, adding versatility to your lab work. The variable speed control allows for customization based on the viscosity of the liquid being dispensed, offering flexibility for various applications.

The Accuhelp Motorized Pipette Controller is rechargeable, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements and ensuring continuous operation when needed. The bright red color not only adds a pop of color to your workspace but also allows for easy identification among your equipment.

Streamline your pipetting tasks with the Accuhelp Red Motorized Pipette Controller, a reliable instrument that combines precision, comfort, and usability for efficient liquid handling in the laboratory.


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