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Syringes and Syringe Filters

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Hamilton Digital Syringe Series

Hamilton Digital Syringe Series

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Never guess syringe volume measurements again with digital syringes from Hamilton! Equipped with easy-to-read liquid crystal displays, digital syringes eliminate volume reading errors making it easier to comply with EPA, CLIA, ISO and FDA (GLP, GMP) requirements.Available from Pipette.com in volumes ranging from 5µL to 5000µL, every Hamilton digital syringe is a calibrated device, traceable to N.I.S.T. methods. Use it to calibrate analytical instruments (AA/ICP, GC, HPLC, etc.), prepare standards and spike samples.Hamilton digital syringes are calibrated devices composed of a serialized syringe and a serialized digital electronic holder. A certificate of calibration comes with each new syringe.Available Hamilton series and electronic syringe volumes include:Volume: 0.5µL, 1.0µL, 2.0µL, 5.0µL, 10µL, 25µL, 100µL, 250µL, 500µL, 1000µL, 2500µL and 5000µL7000 Series Modified Microliter™: comes with a Knurled Hub (KIH) termination700 Series Microliter™: choose from a cemented or removable needle1700 Series Gastight®: choose from a cemented or removable needleOther features of Hamilton syringes from Pipette.com:Comes complete with certificate of calibrationBuilt-in adjusted plunger stopShips directly from manufacturerAvoid errors from trying to read graduations during use with convenient displayWhat is the accuracy of a Hamilton syringe?Hamilton syringes are manufactured to be accurate within ±1% of nominal volume with precision within 1%, measured at 80% of total scale volume.How can I return an electronic syringe if I’m not satisfied with the product?At Pipette.com we only offer products that are of high-quality that we know will add value to your laboratory operations. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we’ll gladly take it back. View our shippings and returns policy page to learn more. See more

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