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96-Well PCR Plates

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Simport Amplate Raised Rim Thin Wall PCR Plates

Simport Amplate Raised Rim Thin Wall PCR Plates

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Made of polypropylene Amplate™ Raised Rim thin wall PCR plates are the latest addition to the wide range of Simport PCR products. Offering just the right rigidity for automation, these four 96-well plates, made in a standard 8 x 12 configuration, are perfectly suited for high performance thermal cycling. Each well makes intimate contact with the heating block while quick and consistent heat transfer is ensured by a uniform wall thickness. Using a special polypropylene, samples are easily recovered thanks to a low adhesion surface. Well capacity: T323-100 and -101 Series: 250 µl, T323-103 Series: 200 µL, T323-104: 100 µL. These plates offer the right alternative to existing Robbins (-100), Corning (-101), Perkin Elmer (-103) and ABI (-104) models. T323-100 and –101 Series have a 3 mm raised rim around each tube well. T323-101 is supplied with a wide skirt extending over and under the plate on which a bar code can be affixed to facilitate identification. T323-103 and T323-104 will also offer the same skirt but the rim above each tube well is only 1 mm high. All sealing methods can be used for oil-free operation: domed and flat cap strips (T321 Series); SecureSeal™ Thermal Sealing Film (T329-1); SecureSeal™ Aluminium Sealing Foil (T329-5) and Amplate™ Mat (T329-10). To facilitate orientation, one corner of the plate is cut away. An alphanumeric grid helps sample identification. Packed in tamperproof resealable bags of ten plates. See more

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