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KIMBLE Non-Sterile Disposable Glass Serological Pipette, Blue, 5 mL, Case of 500

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CAT ID: 72120-5110

MFR PART #: 72120-5110

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Weight: 2 lbs

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DWK Life Sciences LLC - Tips - 72120-5110

KIMBLE Non-Sterile Disposable Glass Serological Pipette, Blue, 5 mL, Case of 500

Product Description:

The KIMBLE Non-Sterile Disposable Glass Serological Pipette by DWK Life Sciences LLC is designed for precise liquid handling in laboratory settings. The pipette has a volume capacity of 5 mL and comes in a vibrant blue color, ensuring easy identification. This case includes 500 pipettes, making it ideal for high-volume use or busy laboratories.

Crafted from high-quality glass, these non-sterile pipettes are durable and provide excellent clarity for clear visibility while pipetting. Each pipette is calibrated for accurate dispensing, enabling reliable and consistent results during experiments, sample transfers, or other liquid handling tasks.

These disposable serological pipettes are convenient for single-use applications, eliminating the need for cleaning and preventing cross-contamination between samples. The blue color coding helps in quick size identification and organization in the lab. Whether in research, clinical, or industrial laboratories, the KIMBLE Glass Serological Pipettes offer a reliable solution for liquid handling needs.

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