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BioMaster single channel positive displacement pipette, 1-20 uL

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CAT ID: E4830-20

MFR PART #: 22440501

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Eppendorf - Positive Displacement Pipette - E4830-20

BioMaster single channel positive displacement pipette, 1-20 uL

Product Description:

The Eppendorf BioMaster single-channel positive displacement pipette offers precise liquid handling in the range of 1-20 uL. With its unique positive displacement technology, this pipette is ideal for handling viscous, volatile, or high-density liquids with utmost accuracy. The BioMaster ensures reliable results even when dealing with challenging liquids, making it a valuable tool in various laboratory applications such as molecular biology, cell culture, and microbiology. Its ergonomic design and light touch operation enhance user comfort during long pipetting sessions. This pipette guarantees consistent and reproducible results, crucial for research, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical laboratories. Trust the Eppendorf BioMaster pipette for unparalleled precision and performance in your lab.


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