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Inoculating Needle, PS, Sterile, 20 cm YLW - (600 Total)

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CAT ID: 731181-GRNR

MFR PART #: 731181

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Weight: 6.39 lbs

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Greiner Bio-One Inoculating Needle, PS, Sterile, 20 cm YLW - (600 Total)

Inoculating Needle, PS, Sterile, 20 cm YLW - (600 Total)

Product Description:

This Sterile Inoculating Needle by Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc. is made of polystyrene (PS) and has a length of 20 cm. It comes in a vibrant yellow color and the pack includes 600 needles in total. Ideal for aseptic procedures in microbiology and other laboratory applications, this needle ensures reliable and contamination-free inoculations. The sterile nature of the needle provides peace of mind during sensitive experiments, preventing unwanted interferences. Its long length offers flexibility and convenience during use, making it suitable for various lab settings. Whether working with petri dishes or agar plates, this Inoculating Needle is a valuable tool for precise and controlled inoculation techniques. Trust Greiner Bio-One's quality and expertise for your laboratory needs, and experience the ease and efficiency this sterile needle brings to your experiments.


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