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Reservoir, 25ml non-sterile, bulk pack, 100/pack

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CAT ID: P8025

MFR PART #: P8025

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Weight: 4.5 lbs

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MTC-Bio Reservoir, 25ml non-sterile, bulk pack, 100/pack

Reservoir, 25ml non-sterile, bulk pack, 100/pack

Product Description:

The MTC-Bio 25ml non-sterile reservoir, available in a bulk pack of 100 units, is designed for convenient and efficient liquid handling in laboratory settings. This product offers a generous volume capacity, making it suitable for various applications such as sample dilution, reagent preparation, and liquid storage. The non-sterile feature allows flexibility in usage depending on the specific requirements of the experiment or procedure. The bulk packaging ensures cost-effectiveness and uninterrupted workflow by providing an ample supply of reservoirs for use. With a focus on durability and compatibility with different pipettes, this reservoir from MTC-Bio is a reliable choice for reliable and precise liquid handling tasks in research, diagnostics, and analytical laboratories.

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